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The first and one of the most important activities in geotechnical or environmental study is the site characterization through a proper sampling program. We provide the following list of field testing/services.

  1. Boring (Augur, Rotary Drilling).
  2. SPT, CPT, DCPT, SCPT testing.
  3. Undisturbed Soil Sampling.
  4. Seismic refraction testing (SASW & MASW).
  5. Soil Electrical Resistivity Test.
  6. NX Rock Coring.
  7. Pile Load Test.
  8. Plate Load Test.
  9. Groundwater Monitoring.
  10. Pile Pullout Test.
  11. Field Density Test (Core Cutter and Sand Replacement Methods).
  12. Field Permeability Test.
  13. Block Vibration Test.